Our Products

Over the years we have expanded from just recycling and building pallets, to having a system that uses every part of the wood. Boards that are unsuitable for pallets get turned into firewood, while scraps that would be otherwise unusable are used to make our many colors of mulch.

We are called Perry Pallet for a reason. With over 7 million pallets built, recycled, and shipped over the last 20+ years, you can be sure that you are getting the very best in pallet care and expertise. 


We have many types and sizes of pallets, either for individual or bulk sale. Quote form available. 

We make a large variety of boxes and crates to be custom ordered in bulk or individually. 


Quote form available. 

Taken from many leftovers of the pallet building operation, our mulch contains scraps of wood all under 2 inches in length, and comes in 6 rich hues, in addition to Mud Special, a utilitarian blend, and Appearence Grade, fit more for landscaping and flowerbeds.

We offer two types of firewood; premium mill ends, and standard recycled firewood. With an extremely fair price and a bulk size (one yard -approximately filling one pickup) that we will load for you or deliver to you, our firewood will get the job done.

Great for any number of purposes including animal bedding and landscaping, our sawdust is available to be delivered or picked up at your convenience.

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