Our Products

We produce and ship over half a million pallets every year!


48x40" is the most common one, but we also offer custom building for your projects that require a specialty pallet. Let us know what sizes you need and we'd be happy to give you a free quote!

Our custom build team currently produces over 5,000 crates a year, all to unique customer specifications. Our crates are built in Ferndale, but they end up in countries all across the globe. 

If you give us your needed specifications, we'll give you a free quote!

Not a splinter of wood goes to waste in our facility! If it's not good enough quality for building pallets or crates, we turn it into woodchips. The grinder removes metal and nails, leaving you with a quality organic product for landscaping, mud control, walking paths, etc.

close up firewood.PNG


We sell firewood by the one-yard scoop or the loose cord. You can pick it up at our yard with an open-bed pickup or trailer, or we can quote you delivery in one of our dump trucks. Contains imbedded nails.

Price per scoop is $40. Please request a quote for cord pricing and delivery options.

We offer this in delivered loads of 25-40 yards. Includes a mix of fine dust, chainsaw dust, and 1-2" shavings.